Mind Uploading

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Mind Uploading

Unread post by Secularick »

As usual, Kursgesagt has a beautifully well-done video on the subject they're tackling, namely the uploading of a human mind into a computer system in order to achieve "functional immortality."

What do you think? If you had the option to have your consciousness, your being (and for the sake of argument for those who believe in such things, your soul) uploaded into some amazing computer system to carry on after your body dies... would you?

The idea is neat to me, though I'm not sure my mind would warrant such a devotion of resources to keeping it active, but the thought also isn't comforting to me. Uploading our minds doesn't mean uploading *us,* per se (well, actually, unless there is a soul that goes along with it somehow)... Our meaty selves still die. Our continuity of consciousness and being ends. What would continue on in the computer is a copy, a Xerox, a simulation of our mind as it was when it was uploaded.

Still, the idea, and certainly the technology, is fantastically cool. 8B

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