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Mental Illness

Posted: Fri Dec 04, 2020 4:16 pm
by amazingmeag11
Does anyone here struggle with mental illness?

I struggle with Attention Deficit Disorder, Major Depression, and Generalized Anxiety. My moods and motivation levels fluctuate on a regular basis.

(Example: This is the 7th post I've created in this message board in the last hour. Other days, I've struggled to even want to open the computer. These are not exaggerations to make a point - these are real, extreme struggles).

My hope is that this can be a safe place to discuss mental illness struggles, and various sciences behind the causes and treatments of all mental illnesses that so many struggle with on a daily basis.


**Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Advice and information in this forum should always be considered second to the recommendations of your healthcare provider. Always discuss with your healthcare provider before making any changes regarding your health!**

Re: Mental Illness

Posted: Fri Dec 04, 2020 6:04 pm
by twicedouble
I know exactly what you’re talking about.

I have bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, PTSD, and general anxiety. I’m a mess.

Thankfully I’m on enough medication that I don’t get manic depressive, but I occasionally have hypomanic attacks.

I have a few friends that I talk mental health with. It’s really something to have other friends who have similar struggles.